Youth Classes


Ages 5 – 10

As parents ourselves we understand how precious your kids are to you. When your child is picked up from school you want to have the assurance that they are safe and having a good time. You want your child looked after as lovingly and securely as you would.

There are many programs out there that can offer that kind of attention and security. If you’re like most of our parents you have also seen places that you wouldn’t dare leave your child. In fact you may have wondered who’s watching who!

Our goal at Traditional Taekwondo Center Palm Harbor is to not only offer your child a safe and fun environment but also watch them grow into confident leaders.

Junior Taekwondo Classes” ages 6 – 12

At Traditional Taekwondo Center Palm Harbor your child will learn life lessons that will stay with them forever. They get physical fitness, mental focus, self discipline, confidence and leadership skills, it’s a real life experience!

Our parents consistently report improved behavior at home, better grades at school and a new sense of confidence in all they do.

Our kids learn to become champions in all that they do. It’s not just about Martial Arts, it’s about becoming the best they can be in every aspect of life.


Ages 4 – 6

Our Little Tigers classes are designed for kids ages 4-7 years old. Kids at this age need special attention and instruction to learn Martial Arts as effectively as possible. These classes teach kids the basics and fundamentals they need in a fun and exciting environment. As a parent you know a fun environment makes learning a lot easier for kids. Our amazing instructors keep the classes fun and do so without compromising on the instruction.

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